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Accounting Software for the Ages

Many years ago, roofing contractors do things manually. Aside from the actual construction, they also do computations and estimation by simply relying on their guts and instincts. Imagine how tedious it is to measure and estimate specifications. Fortunately, software that can be used to automate certain tasks have been introduced. 

By contracting estimating software, the magnitude of the work becomes lesser and bearable. In summary, the following are its advantages:


o Since most of the tasks become automated and digital, the probability of human error decreases. 

o This leads to more accurate results such as the amount of wood or length of metal that is needed for a replacement. 


o Staff become more efficient because data are generated quickly. 

o Manual labour can be performed by the tool already. 

o Numbers can be easily inputted. In an instant, the materials are already served on a silver platter.

Lesser costs

o Since measurements are more precise, wastage of unused materials from over or underestimation is avoided. Budget can be allocated properly. 

o Some companies ask for higher rates when things are done through manual labour. Thus, it is more economic-friendly to make use of the software.


o Contracting estimating software not only offers help in estimation. Based on its type, features may also include project management, accounting, and documentation. 

o Internet connectivity and automatic upgrades are present in others.

o These features make it more convenient for roofing companies. It’s like hitting so many birds with just one stone. 

Professionalism and trust

o Clients always want the best from the contractors that they hire. When they see that the company produces reliable and great services, they will surely be satisfied. 

o The use of technology shows that the company tries to be updated on how roofing tasks can be done excellently. 


o When we do our assignments routinely, we produce consistent outputs. Also, when the method that we use is the same every single time, chances are we are able to get similar results. 

o Being consistent is important for buyers. It means that the service or products that they obtained from you were not just pure luck. It is not a ‘once in a lifetime’ success. 

Some of the estimating software that are now available are:

Takeoff Live

TPL Estimate





e4Clicks Project Estimator


Think about these things:

Have you ever thought that they will be invented? The structures that we have now may not be as awesome as they are if it weren’t for them.

Is it worth it? It is probably the time to invest on something worth your resources. 

Is it expensive? The price may not seem affordable. However, its long term benefits can justify everything. 

What are you waiting for? In the very near future, devices will become smarter and faster than they ever were. These are the things that make life more exciting. You need to modernize now more than ever. 

Where can I get the software? They are very accessible because they are available in all leading stores nationwide.